Pakistan: Now or Never?

Perspectives on Pakistan

America’s escalating “Predator war” in Pakistan



In the dying days of the Bush administration, the United States military has stepped up missile strikes by remotely piloted Predator aircraft against militants in the mountains of Pakistan.


The raids have become deeper – as much as 25 miles into Pakistani territory – and more targeted like the latest one in a compound in South Waziristan where militants had gathered to mourn the victims of a previous strike two days before.


The U.S. has launched 18 Predator attacks since the beginning of August. compared with five strikes during the first seven months of 2008, the New York Times  reported . It said that the White House was relying on air strikes after a ground operation by U.S. Special Forces triggered a furious reaction from the Pakistani government.


But arguably, the drones armed with deadly missiles can cause more destruction than any ground operation. Pakistan’s The News, citing  Interior Ministry figures, says 355 people have been killed and 248 wounded in cross-border strikes, Predator and ground attacks carried out by Afghan-based American forces in Pakistan so far this year. (more…)