Pakistan: Now or Never?

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Guest contribution-Pakistan should shudder; Afghanistan should despair


The following is a guest contribution. Reuters is not responsible for the content and the views expressed are the author’s alone.  The writer is a commentator on South Asian political and military affairs and author of “A History of the Pakistan Army”.

                                           By Brian Cloughley

The trouble with the contest to become president of the United States is that it affects us all. No matter how appalled we might be about machine politics of a foreign presidential election, driven and at the mercy of money supplied by staggeringly powerful business interests, the bottom line (literally and figuratively) is that the entire world feels (and sometimes reels from) the influence of the US President. For the past seven years we have witnessed and been gravely affected by economic mismanagement; insolent and malevolent disdain for those who object to “You’re with us or against us”; and an arrogant policy of global military domination to an extent never even dreamed of by the Caesars, Genghis Khan, Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler or Stalin.

Senator Barack Obama in July 15 speech/Jim YoungIt might have been hoped that in November this year the American people would elect a man or woman for all peoples. A person with vision, compassion, a deep knowledge of the world that America dominates, and, above all, that most important of human attributes: informed Common Sense.