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Apr 29, 2010

Ad sales show life, aiding Viacom and IPG results

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Viacom Inc and Interpublic Group offered the clearest signs yet that the advertising market is recovering, reporting quarterly results on Thursday that showed automakers, banks and retailers are finally ratcheting up marketing budgets.

Analysts said the results should help put to rest questions over whether the run-up in media stocks — up 12 percent this year — has been smart investing or wishful thinking. Until now, there has been scant evidence that spending on advertising campaigns has increased at all from its lows.

Apr 28, 2010

IAC results beat forecasts on search revenue

NEW YORK, April 28 (Reuters) – Barry Diller’s
IAC/InterActiveCorp <IACI.O> reported stronger-than-expected
quarterly results, including a 16 percent rise in revenue, as
its Web search business gained in popularity.

The results come amid questions over whether Diller, the
company’s controlling shareholder, will return to dealmaking,
either by selling or buying other Web-based companies.

Apr 27, 2010
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That NBC: so green and so healthy

For those of you annoyed by NBC Universal’s “Green Week” — that stretch when the company’s peacock logo turns an irritating shade of green and its programs carry some sort of tortured green storyline — then you may want to stop reading right here. But for those of you who love the idea, here’s some news: NBC Universal is coming back with another Green Week in November and this time it will be running a TV special called “Harmony” featuring The Prince of Wales.

It’s also decided that not only do we viewers need to take better care of our planet, we need to take a little better care of ourselves. So it has also decided to launch “Healthy Week.”  Here’s how NBC Universal described the effort, which kicks off on June 21:

Apr 23, 2010
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Publicis takes control of Chevy advertising

Automotive advertising isn’t what it once was – but they are still important accounts when you can land them.

It looks as though Publicis, the French holding company, has brought home the rest of the Chevrolet creative business. After it was first reported in Adweek, Publicis today released a short statement confirming that “Publicis Worldwide is proud to announce that Chevrolet has decided to consolidate all its U.S. advertising with Publicis Worldwide U.S.A.”

Apr 20, 2010
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Omnicom revenue rallies; shares reach new high

NEW YORK, April 20 (Reuters) – Omnicom Group Inc <OMC.N> on
Tuesday said quarterly profit slipped, but
stronger-than-expected revenue growth and upbeat comments about
the state of the advertising business lifted shares 6 percent.

Omnicom, home to a host of advertising, media and public
relations agencies, including BBDO Worldwide and DDB Worldwide,
benefited from stronger revenue in the United States, Africa
and the Middle East. Europe, however, remained a weak spot.

Apr 4, 2010

Apple’s iPad hits shelves; testing begins

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Apple Inc’s iPad hit stores on Saturday after months of buildup, igniting excitement and kicking off a critical sales period that will determine if the sleek tablet computer becomes the next blockbuster.

At Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, cheers went up from employees as shoppers entered the shop at 9 a.m. (1300 GMT), emerging a few minutes later carrying the devices touted as a bridge between a laptop and smartphone.

Apr 3, 2010

Apple’s iPad hits store shelves

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Apple Inc’s iPad hits store shelves on Saturday after months of intense buzz, giving shoppers their first chance to decide whether the tablet device is worth all the breathless publicity.

At Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, cheers went up as shoppers finally entered the store at 9 a.m. ET, emerging a few minutes later carrying the first iPads, a device touted as a bridge between a laptop and smartphone.

Apr 2, 2010
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What makes an iPad tick? These guys will tell you

Come Saturday, while many of you are enjoying your new iPad — doing a little e-reading, perhaps playing a game — Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules will be ripping theirs apart.  Not because they are crazy or angry or anti-Apple. No, Wiens and Soules do this for a living: breaking down gadgets using heat guns, suction cups and other tools to get inside and have a look around. What do they find out? The design and components that make it tick. Read all about it in a Special Report by Gabriel Madway.

Below are the guys who will make the magic happen, plus a shot of their workshop.

Mar 29, 2010
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Happy Monday, Sumner Redstone

It was a very pleasant start to the week for Sumner Redstone’s Viacom, owner of  BET, MTV, Nickelodeon and the Paramount movie studio. A flattering Barron’s story, analyst upgrades… What more can a media company want these days?

Start with Barron’s. The financial weekly writes, “After a long dry spell, investors are doing a double take when it comes to the entertainment company controlled by its executive chairman and founder, the savvy and tenacious media mogul Sumner Redstone.” Why? That’s simple. The stock is cheap.

Mar 26, 2010
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Quick quiz: How much TV do Americans watch?

One of the most surprising statistics to any media follower is that TV viewership is on the rise. You’d never know it from what you read. But it’s true — and you can be sure that Les Moonves, Jeff Gaspin and the rest of the TV honchos will want to draw attention to that nugget as we head into upfront season.

In anticipation of the upfronts, the folks over at Nielsen today came out with a TV fact sheet. They’ve got a lot of great numbers in there, and we wanted to pull a few of the most striking for you.