Paul Smalera

Raw audio: Cantor describes Obama walking out of debt talks

July 14, 2011

On Wednesday evening House Republican Leader Eric Cantor described to reporters* an abrupt end to debt ceiling talks at the White House. Cantor tells reporters that President Obama “walked out” and appeared “very agitated, seemingly.”

from The Great Debate:

Cool, refreshing legislation for Philip Morris

June 12, 2009

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Indulge me in a thought experiment. Pretend that drinking something called "lethalcoffee" has been found to cause cancer. There are five or six kinds of gross-flavored lethalcoffees that hardly anyone drinks, like chocolate, cherry, banana, and vanilla. But there's one flavor, mint, that 30 percent of all lethalcoffee drinkers are hooked on. And there's one particular group of lethalcoffee drinkers—let's call them investment bankers—who drink mint lethalcoffee like there's no tomorrow.