Paul Smalera

Raw audio: Cantor describes Obama walking out of debt talks

Jul 14, 2011 03:28 UTC

On Wednesday evening House Republican Leader Eric Cantor described to reporters* an abrupt end to debt ceiling talks at the White House. Cantor tells reporters that President Obama “walked out” and appeared “very agitated, seemingly.”

Cantor also recounted Obama telling the assembled political leaders that, “he ‘had sat here long enough, and that no other president — Ronald Reagan wouldn’t sit here like this.’” Cantor says he was taken aback when Obama warned him, “Eric, don’t call my bluff. I’m going to the American people with this.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Cantor recounts Obama saying, as he shoved back from the meeting table and left the room.

The complete raw audio (with, warning, some flutter and background noise) is available below.

Note: If the flash player above does not load, the MP3 is available here: Eric Cantor on White House Debt Ceiling Talks

from The Great Debate:

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Jun 12, 2009 15:57 UTC

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Indulge me in a thought experiment. Pretend that drinking something called "lethalcoffee" has been found to cause cancer. There are five or six kinds of gross-flavored lethalcoffees that hardly anyone drinks, like chocolate, cherry, banana, and vanilla. But there's one flavor, mint, that 30 percent of all lethalcoffee drinkers are hooked on. And there's one particular group of lethalcoffee drinkers—let's call them investment bankers—who drink mint lethalcoffee like there's no tomorrow.

Allow 40 years for several million lethalcoffee-related deaths to pile up before the pandemic is taken seriously by the government. (Try to put aside any negative feelings you harbor about investment bankers.) Finally, Congress introduces a Lethalcoffee Safety Act that has a chance of becoming law. Would you imagine that law would:

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B) Ban every flavor of lethalcoffee except mint, the one most people drink?
C) Make it really hard for people to sell badcoffee, a new but much less hazardous cousin of lethalcoffee?
D) Be co-authored by Starbucks (SBUX)?