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Sep 19, 2012

Benghazi police mutiny after U.S. Libya envoy killed

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – Libyan police in Benghazi have mutinied and refuse to serve under the man appointed by the government to take over security following last week’s storming of the U.S. consulate in which the ambassador and three other Americans were killed.

With no one clearly in charge in Libya’s second city and major oil port, the officer named by the government in Tripoli to replace both Benghazi’s police chief and the deputy interior minister responsible for the eastern region told Reuters that he had asked for the army to be sent in if he could not start work.

Sep 12, 2012

West shocked by US envoy death, Muslims condemn film

Sept 12 (Reuters) – Western countries denounced on Wednesday
the killing of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other
embassy staff by armed attackers, while many Muslim states
focused their condemnation on the anti-Islamic film that
provoked the violence.

In Libya and Egypt, where the U.S. embassy was also attacked
on Tuesday, authorities promised to bring the perpetrators to

Jun 17, 2012

Greek vote pulls Cyprus from precipice – for now

NICOSIA, June 17 (Reuters) – Greece’s election has pulled
its smaller neighbour Cyprus back from the precipice – for now -
but Nicosia still has urgent work to do to rescue its banking
sector if it is to avoid becoming the next casualty of the euro
zone crisis.

The relief of Cyprus officials was palpable on Sunday night
as results came in from Athens showing conservative Antonis
Samaras had won Sunday’s vote promising to stick to a European
bailout, although the government did not immediately comment.

Jun 15, 2012

Shaky Cyprus teeters between Moscow and Brussels

NICOSIA (Reuters) – From the sharp-suited ‘biznesmeny’ in their black BMWs, to the grocery selling imported vodka and whole smoked whitefish, to its Soviet-educated Communist president, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus speaks with an unmistakable Russian accent.

And as the latest troubled EU nation hurtles towards a seemingly inevitable financial rescue, it finds itself teetering between Moscow and Brussels.

May 24, 2012

Greek burglars cash in as savers flee banks

ATHENS (Reuters) – Andreas and Emilia Karabalis, who are both 80, feared their bank in Greece would collapse, so they withdrew their 80,000 euros ($100,000) savings and stashed it at home for safety.

Days later, the thieves came in the night.

“We were sleeping. The two masked burglars came to our bed and tied us up. They hit us. They robbed us – they didn’t leave anything, it was torture,” said Emilia, who still trembles when she recalls the attack this month on the island of Lefkada.

May 21, 2012

Greek leftist brings message to Europe: “Let’s talk”

ATHENS (Reuters) – The charismatic Greek leftist who could determine the fate of the euro begins a tour of European capitals on Monday carrying a single message: it’s time to talk.

In an interview on the eve of his first visit abroad since his surprise rise in a May 6 election, Alexis Tsipras veered occasionally into the combative rhetoric that has seduced disaffected Greek youth and alarmed Brussels and Berlin.

May 19, 2012

Greek election race tightens into dead heat

ATHENS (Reuters) – A flurry of polls on Saturday showed the race to lead Greece has tightened into a dead heat ahead of an election next month that could determine whether it remains in the euro.

Greece was forced to call the new vote for June 17 after an election on May 6 left parliament divided evenly between groups of parties that support and oppose austerity conditions attached to a 130 billion euro rescue agreed with lenders in March.

May 17, 2012

Poll shows Greece electing pro-bailout government

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek voters are returning to the establishment parties that negotiated its bailout, a poll showed on Thursday, offering potential salvation for European leaders who say a snap Greek election next month will decide whether it must quit the euro.

The poll, the first conducted since talks to form a government collapsed and a new election was called for June 17, showed the conservative New Democracy party in first place, several points ahead of the radical leftist SYRIZA which has pledged to tear up the bailout.

May 14, 2012

Greece’s hard left leader more than just “sexy Alexi”

ATHENS (Reuters) – It’s fair to say that “sexy” is not an adjective used to describe most Greek politicians.

When Alexis Tsipras, the 37-year-old ex-student radical poised to become the most powerful man in Greece, sat with no necktie across the negotiating table from middle-aged party bosses, it was clear politics in Athens were about to change.

May 12, 2012

Greece lurches towards new vote, hard left leads

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek politicians abandoned their quest to form a government on Saturday, leaving the president with one final opportunity to avert new elections that could drive the debt-choked country out of the European single currency.

Greece’s political landscape is in disarray after voters humiliated the only parties backing a rescue plan tied to spending cuts, leaving no bloc with sufficient seats to form a government to secure the next tranche of financial aid.