Universal gestures of understanding

October 22, 2007

When words fail us there are alway hand gestures to fall back on.

There’s no way anybody could misunderstand the two-fingered salute, everybody knows what that means don’t they?  Two fingers, hand facing outwards means victory – a gesture widely associated with Winston Churchill – who seems on occasion to have made it the wrong way round, palm inwards. 

Churchill v-sign

Although perhaps that was because being British he meant something else altogether. In the UK this gesture, allegedly dating back to the time when captured bowmen had the first two fingers on their right hand hacked off to render them harmless, two fingers raised like this palm inwards, is a demonstration of defiance, offensive even.

Jose Mourinho and Boris Yeltsin

So that’s what former Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho is telling us? No, he’s indicating he wants two players forward and two back. And Boris Yeltsin – two players forward or a gesture of defiance? No, he’s telling us he caught two fish.

Quentin Tarantino and David Slade

But Quentin Tarentino is giving a V-for-victory sign, like Churchill right? Yes, Quentin’s is a friendly, celebratory gesture, unlike that demonstrated by fellow director David Slade, who unlike Tarentino is British, isn’t ordering two players forward and hasn’t caught any fish.


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interesting post. i love this blog, despite its occasional updates. keep up the good work!

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Two tumbs up 😉

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And sorry for that typo :)

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[…] Tarentino is British, isn’t ordering two players forward and hasn’t caught any fish. Source: Universal gestures of understanding | Photographers Blog Was it intentional or coincidental by the Indian scientists? In any event, it's funny. […]

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