Mutual Respect

October 30, 2007

When you cover as much soccer as we do in the UK and read countless stories in the papers about footballers only being in it for the money and ruining the “beautiful game”, which isn’t anyway the game it used to be….. it is refreshing when players do something which in some way redresses the balance.

Covering several soccer matches every week it can be easy to slip into a formula of action, goal and celebration pictures and while these images are our bread and butter, they are not the only ‘key moments’.

This weekend’s Liverpool v Arsenal clash at Anfield was a case in point.

The two teams played a thrilling game resulting in a 1-1 draw with both team’s star players, Steven Gerrard of Liverpool and Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal not only scoring the goals but also driving their their sides through the fixture.


Our photographer at the match, Darren Staples, will have been deeply frustrated that both goals were scored at the end furthest from him, but for me he nailed the key image from the match – the moment when the final whistle blew and Gerrard and Fabrigas shook hands and embraced in a gesture of sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Not technically challenging maybe, but these two frames encapsulate the spirit of the game perfectly. 


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The true spirit of the game!!! But so rare.

Posted by Aquabot | Report as abusive

I think that was the closest any Liverpool player got to Fabregas all game

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

This is a great thing to focus on. I agree, watching the embrace was as good as a goal; it was indeed representative of the spirit of the beautiful game. Despite their poor form, I thought Liverpool actually gave Arsenal a very tough game but did so within the rules of the game. They played hard but fair. I hope that we have that kind of spirit this weekend when we see the Gunners meet United. Sir Alex has been on a two year campaign now to protect talent (his own) and I’m hoping that all talent gets protected (but nicely stretched) in a match between what I believe are currently the two best and most beautiful teams in the world. It could be a better match than one which recently brought Gerrard and Fabregas to that lovely moment of “mutual respect”.

Posted by Johnny Centreback | Report as abusive

It seems to me that the EPL big 4 are divided into 2 camps. Liverpool & Arsenal vs Chelsea & Man-U :)

Posted by Five Times | Report as abusive