Overfile or additional content?

January 11, 2008

At first glance these two pictures appear the same. Same shape, same light, same content and both moved to the wire.

The difference, only visible on closer inspection, is the intention of the picture. The first is a picture of film idol and heart throb Johnny Depp arriving to the cheers of waiting fans. The second shows fans waving to film idol and heart throb Johnny Depp. The difference is the focus of the picture, in terms both actual and intentional.  

The first is of Depp arriving in Japan. He is in focus, you can see his face, his fashion and his body language. You can see where he is – a Japanese airport – it’s very much a news picture about the arrrival of a film star.

Depp sharp

Crowd sharp

The second shows the fans clamouring as their hero arrives. They have prepared messages of love written on white gloves, their camera phones are charged, their autograph books ready to be signed. They have waited hours to catch a glimpse of the star, who in comparison to the tack sharp fans is shown slightly soft

 Depp pull

Crowd pull 1

However, given their apparent similarity do we need both versions? Do these pictures justify their place on a crowded wire as complimentary alternative views with real commercial value? Or is this just an overfile?


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Unless your photographer’s moving faster than Depp, you have called the photograph taken second, “first”.

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The first and second was the order of appearence in the blog not the order that they were taken. But your point also raises the question as to which of these two should be filed first?

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As a photo editor who has to look at over 3000 images from the wire services on a daily basis plus our own production, I would expect that Reuters shooters would know how to edit their work. When it was film and expensive phone line transmissions it was a must. Today with an information over kill it is a necessity. Do your job so that I can do mine. Overfile? It is not a valid question.

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Mr Russell Boyce,

As one who commissioned a photo shoot of yours 26 years ago ,it is good to see that you are still making waves,and that you are (slightly) farther east than myself.

Best Regards


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Well, I think both images are necessary. It depends on what you want to potray.
As for the order in which they were taken, I’d say, the second was taken first and the other followed.

The second shows Depp’s fans clamouring for his attention as though he has just walked to where they are (see the lady in the background-the one who seems to be yelling)

In the first image the fans in the background look somewhat satisfied as opposed to those in the second picture as in order of appearance.
I don’t know if am making sense…but I think the first in order of appearance was actually second and the second image was taken first.

As for real commercial value, isn’t time supposed to tell?
Right or not?

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i think it called waves in photography you are making. Shooters needs to keep an eye on every moment with all way
Bohth photos are the need of photo editor and hard to chose one of them
in my opinion photo is miss or hit nothing else

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[…] Overfile or additional content? – Reuters Photographers (tags: photojournalism) […]

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