What the Devil?

March 1, 2008

So you’re covering a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in the gym of the St. Clairsville High School when in your viewfinder the face of Old Nick or one of that ilk hoves into view behind the former first lady. What do you do?

Old Nick

Do you:  1 – Point, scream, run away?

               2 – Shrug, put down your camera and just wait resignedly because you’ve suspected for a while that you were due a visit?

               3 – Shoot only pictures of The Evil One because recorded public appearances are infrequent and even though it isn’t exclusive this is great archive material?

              4 – Ignore the distraction and concentrate on the candidate?

              5 – Not panic because you know it is only the symbol of the school’s Red Devils sports team, but include a couple of frames of it as part of a balanced report just like that produced of the actual event by Reuters photographer Shannon Stapleton?


Are we suggesting that Hillary Clinton is in league with the Devil? No more than we are suggesting that Barack Obama has natural radiance or that light emanates whence the sun does not normally shine.


Allowing their charge to be pictured in the same frame as a Red Devil does not appear to have been something that troubled Senator Clinton’s campaign managers and media advisors, maybe they saw it for what it was – a virtually guaranteed front page picture.

They set ’em up, we knock ’em over.


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Another example of media bias. It just never stops. Wait until they have a president that they helped build up the foolish idolatry to get him elected, then, shuts them down, or, starts to control what they are allowed to run. Could happen! You people can not be absolutely sure we do not have a terrorist’s insider running for our highest office. What was he doing dressing up in the garb of the country that dragged our dead soldier’s bodies through the streets? WHY was he there? So many unanswered questions. Be careful, people. Be VERY careful!

Posted by Bess Cannon | Report as abusive

Liar. You photogs set up everything. You think holy Obama will sell more than shrill Hill. Maybe you’re right, but all you will accomplish is to hand the White House to “Son of Cain” McCain.

Posted by Fritz | Report as abusive

they are both strong candidate

Posted by annie | Report as abusive

i do not like this article it is really creepy

Posted by annie | Report as abusive

I agree. Boring story. It’s one thing to cover a political story and quite another to publish it from a “”News for the Weird”” angle.Wake me up when you decide to publish something worth reading.

Posted by Purse Stuff | Report as abusive

So, in trying to be an unbiased media outlet, they’re supposed to turn a blind eye to a perfectly good shot?I hardly see it being a the photog’s fault that Hillary has such an insincere looking smile, nor do I see it as the photog’s fault that she stood infront of the banner the way she did.

Posted by chris | Report as abusive

Hey Bess Cannon,I understand your sense of patriotism and love for your countrymen and I feel for you and their families as far as the Black Hawk Down incident is concerned.But…I beg to differ. Please note that what I’m about to say is very objective regardless of the fact that I’m Kenyan, live in Kenya and have Somali friends.You’re questions reflect your ignorance of the Somali culture and way of life. When you ask why he was there, are you trying to say that some places and peoples are meant to be out of touch with the “modern world” (which is basically the world you’re apart of) because of crimes committed by a group of people pushed to the limit, suffering the effects of war, probably dead by now and perhaps not even related or connected to the old man in Wajir, Northen Kenya, who dressed the Illinois Senator while on a visit to his paternal homeland in 2006 except for the fact that they share a common ancestry as far as history of mankind is concerned?That you may be enlightened, in the Somali culture, when a prominent/respected figure in society pays you a visit, you show them hospitality, treat them with respect and dress them in what you described as ‘garb’ which is actually their traditional regalia as was seen in the picture of the senator you must be referrring to. Even when other prominent persons from the country visit the Northern town of Wajir, they are dressed in the same manner-maaweis (sarong), with a turban, given a fly whisk and whatever else they feel is appropriate.However you choose to look at it, it was nothing but a simple harmless visit and fro the record, the old Somali man who dressed the senator is not taking this misunderstanding lightly. He threatens to go to court if need be. He also says that dressing the senator did not in any way mean he had become muslim or part of them, just respect shown to a prominent person just like he dressed the former President of Kenya Daniel Moi and a host of other local leaders.I hope that partly answers your questions.

Posted by Diana Ngila | Report as abusive

I think the picture of Hillary with the Devil behind is completelyHillarious. This is the way photographers think. Which is photographers want to grab your attention and make you think.Anyway inside everyone there is a little Diablo. This picture for mesince I studied photography is not to be taken serious.

Posted by Lazara | Report as abusive