A toast to Adrees Latif

April 8, 2008

I’d like to add my own congratulations to the plaudits being lauded on Adrees Latif who has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography. It is one hell of a picture.

The following images are unlikely prize-winners but serve to demonstrate the delight with which news of his win has been received by his Reuters colleagues. In the first Paul Barker, Editor Asia News Pictures and Asia Chief Photographer Russell Boyce toast his image;

 Adrees 2

while in the second the editorial team from text, TV, graphics and pictures at Reuters Asia HQ in Singapore drink his health as Adrees himself listens-in via the telephone on the desk to the right of the frame, from his assignment in Nepal.  

Adrees 3

I bet he’s pleased now that he diversified beyond basketball and maybe at long last my spell-checker will stop trying to correct his name to ‘Address’.



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Congratulations Adrees!

We are all so proud of you! Your the renegade of photography! Continue to shock the world with your brave ability to capture sights that we can only dare to look at on still prints.

Adrees, Right on !!!! Its about time that your work on that story and the image got the notice it deserved. While the World Press Contest and others failed to distinguish the importance of that image in our field the Pullitzer of all groups got it right. Truly an image that will stay with all photojournalists for a long time. Look forward to meeting and seeing you in NYC if receiving the award brings you here. Peace and stay safe. Shannon

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Congratulations Adrees! You’ve come a long way from covering Astros games! Keep safe and keep up the great work.

Adrees, Congratulations man. It is a wonderful testament to not only your willingness to go the extra mile but to the sacrifice Nagai made and the people of Myanmar continue to deal with.

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Dear Idrees. It was big news for our website that you got thr Pulitzer. We have covered your story on the home page today April 9, NJ, USA.

Pls let us know if we can do an online chat interview for our visitors or not. they r mostly Desis living as expats in USA and elsewhere.

Our website is US based.

good luck to you and hope you get it again.

Irshad Salim


Living the dream, man! You’re an inspiration to all of us ex-Houston Posties. Stay safe and buy us a beer next time you are in Houston!

Craig Hartley


It’s Melissa, from the Parador in Houston, Tx. I was so excited to see your name and picture on the news here in Houston. I was so excited I jumped off the couch and yelled, I know him. (Of course know one else was in the room but me.) Congratulations!!! Don’t know if you will ever see this, but I looked and looked for somehow to write you. I so enjoyed meeting you and working with you. Be safe…..Melissa

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Adrees & Camilla, We love you and we are very proud. Congratulations and a big Texas hug. From your mother & father in-law

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Congratulations Adrees

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