The making of a Pulitzer

April 8, 2008


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Congratulations Andrees!!

This slideshow is great. Your bravery, character and talent really made an impact!!!

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What a great slide show. This is an amazing story.

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It is the courage of the men like you that will make the world a better place.

Thank You

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I admire your talent and courage, and appreciate your huge contribution to history. I hope this story will raise awareness and motivate individuals who CAN speak out against the atrocities TO DO SO. God bless you.

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One picture…a thousand words…or in this case…a Tomé…

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tragic, that even college and post grad chinese students abroad, repeat like parakeets,the same” state crammed rhitoric, of tibet is ours and the world is ignorant etc.
they must see these pidtures with, of course, open minds, and think and compare,”did n’t every invader and conquerer claim the same thing about his victims ???? may it be hitler or roamans or the Huns….
and that they were doing it for the good of the oppressed people. they were
educating them !!!!!(that ” you are owned by us.!!!!).
DO THEY BELIEVE THAT THE budhhist monks WERE LOOTING AND SABOtaging as their chinese govt. claims ?????????????????????????????????
at least look closely at these pictures by a brave photographer….

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Give me liberty & I shall prove you false! Freedom & decmocracy is worth dying for!

Your photos proves it.

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we, myanmar people need people like you and Kenji Nagai. Your commitment will last in one page of Burma histry. Congratulation & thank you.

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Congratulations on your award. It is truly deserved, not simply for your capture of one tragic incident, but for all the spectacular images contained in the slideshow above.

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It is admirable how you captured the moments and portrayed them, how you brought the reality out to the world. People get to hear the news around the world through various channels/modes, but your presentation makes one feel a physical presence in Myanmar. Congratulations on your award. You truly deserve it.

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[…] making of a Pulitzer Very interesting audio slideshow featuring Reuters shooter Adrees Latif, who recently won the Pulitzer Breaking News Photography […]

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The loss of a life at any cost is something that none us ever want to witness, however in this case documenting Kenji Nagais’ murder did for a while put Burma back on the political map. With out sounding disrespectful to Kenji Nagai and his family, it’s a sad state of affairs when a photograph like this wins the most respected award in journalism and rightly so, but wheres the political pressure now. Was Kenji Nagais’ death, was it pointless? Adrees well done, thanks for being on that bridge, when everyone else was running for cover – but more importantly thanks for getting this image of this murderess act out of Burma, so the rest of the world was able to see what was happening in Yangoon at the time.

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[…] Click on the link to see  /04/08/the-making-of-a-pulitzer/ […]

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[…] de un fotógrafo. Clasificado en Libertad/Represión, Últimas noticias del […]

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[…] blog Reuters Photographers, uma apresentação multimídia conta em fotos e áudio a história da foto de Adrees Latif, […]

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[…] No blog Reuters Photographers, uma apresentação multimídia conta em fotos e áudio a história da foto de Adrees Latif, reconhecida com o Pulitzer 2008, de um jornalista japonês morto à tiros por um soldado em Mianmar enquanto filmava uma manifestação poupular. […]
A história por trás da foto

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[…] The reception being hosted by Thompson Reuters across the street from the Sears Tower had been going for a few minutes and most of the people that were going to show up had arrived when our hosts invited us into a room to view a slide show created by one of their photographers that included a photos that had won a Pulitzer prize earlier this year. The photos depicted civil unrest in Myanmar, including a very piercing photo of a Japanese videographer being shot and killed during a demonstration. It was great journalism, and they told a compelling story about the bravery involved in capturing the moment on film. You can view the slide show here. […]

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