Live from Launch Pad 39A

November 20, 2008

KSC Photo Blog from Scott Audette on Vimeo.

Reuters photographer Scott Audette documents the Reuters crew braving alligators and snakes and long hot days as they prepare for the launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.


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Fantastic behind the scenes remote camera setup video blog! Thanks guys for making this and posting.

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This is excellent information and inspiration for photographers and space buffs alike.

Really cool video. Scott is a trip for sure and actually quite funny.
This is a very well done “behind the scenes look” at the Shuttle. This has to be one of the hardest shots in the world just to set up and get right, yet they take it one step further and send pictures to the their computers within seconds after lift-off. Amazing. I can’t wait to see what this crew has planned next. Keep making videos guys.

Very cool! How did you set the exposure being that it was a night shot?

Also, were the cameras set to fire at their max FPS and resolution? What if the buffer filled up too early?

Thanks for posting this guys!

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One of the EICs at the Global Pictures Desk in Singapore is my buddy Drew Fritz. He reported these pics came from NA and were back out to clients within 1 minute and 45 seconds! Awesome. No wonder Reuters is kicking even the homegrown services in turnaround. Informative video!

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Scott Au to get the job done! and has fun doing it. A behind-the-scene glimpse into a professional image-maker whom has immense passion for his craft. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Hey Alex…here’s a little more camera related information for you. We slow the cameras down to a low continuous motor drive setting and we shoot jpegs. Also the cameras are at their normal resolution but the combination of drive speed and jpegs really makes the buffer issue moot.

And remember unless we have totally set up the threshold for the sound trigers wrong the earliest they fire is at main engine ignite. Which from that point to the shuttle lifting off and being out of the frame is only ten or fifteen seconds.

Thanks for the question,


Really nice video.. very much appreciated

Hi Scott, well done. Enjoyed your video immensely and learned a lot. Thanks.

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