Mumbai attacks: In pictures

November 27, 2008

People duck as gunshots are fired from inside the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe

Indian commandos take positions outside “Nariman House”, where armed militants are believed to be holed up in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Arko Datta

An employee (C) of the Taj Hotel (seen in the background) comforts foreign guests in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Arko Datta

Police escort a stranded guest from Taj hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Arko Datta

A policeman gives water to an injured child at a hospital in Mumbai November 26, 2008. REUTERS/Stringer

A policeman walks with an elderly man after shootings by unidentified assailants at a railway station in Mumbai November 26, 2008. REUTERS/Stringer

Pigeons fly near the burning Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe


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Indian commandos take positions outside “Nariman Bhavan”, where armed militants are believed to be holed up in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Arko Datta

Your caption cites this location as Nariman Bhavan but this is Nariman “House”. They are different locations. Nariman House is in Colaba and Nariman Bhavan is in Nariman Point, and a business building in the financial district.

Posted by Sneha | Report as abusive

it is very tragic incedent i cant sleep properly ,i hate this type of attacks,i think time has come to flush the terorist out of this world

Posted by saurabh | Report as abusive

hats off to Indian police & commandos, they really did the great job…

Posted by Zuber Dhumde | Report as abusive

Its time for the gods to act!

Posted by rasick | Report as abusive

This matter is a very shameful for us.Because how this terrorrists are enter in our country with a large amount of arms and exploson.

we should always alert for these type of matter.We should give a strong answer for these.And kill on the spot these kind of people.

Posted by Pavan Singh Pawar | Report as abusive

we hats off the daredevil SIR ASHOK KAMATE.
from- solapurvasi.

Posted by pardeshi somchandra | Report as abusive

unbelievable terrorist attack, yes its the time for flush the terrorist out of this world…!

Posted by mode | Report as abusive

My condolences to the ppl who died. spl the families of police and commandos …. it is about time that the whole world works together to fight against terrorism .. Terrorism is no longer an issue with one country…

Posted by saurabh gandhi | Report as abusive

Where are the photos of the ”
militants”? Attackers?

Why are there never photos of the people responsible?

Posted by Mike Lavender | Report as abusive

Hats off to all the police officers and commandos (NSG and Navy) who have successfully eliminated the terrorists.

Government should start investigating the scene without fearing of loosing votes from minorities.

How can a party think about loosing votes if a person is investigated on involvement in terrorist activities.

Posted by Sharma | Report as abusive

The fact that the pictures of the attackers are missing or low qualitiy, and that they have stated the attacks were very organized, and yet the dead militants had ID’s on them leads me to believe this is a false flag operation. Experienced militants don’t carry ID that can track them. Hopefully India will not release the bodies, and make sure they don’t hand the investigation over to MI5, the CIA, or the Mossad. Israel is having racial Issues with Indian Jews migrating, Obama’s presidential win, Olmert’s conviction, and increasing support for Palestinians, and pressure to make peace and abandon their 60 year violent occupation. It would be consistent with the Israel’s MO to commit bombings to incite Jewish fear and garner support and sympathy.

Posted by Karma | Report as abusive

Chilling photos. I’ve linked them to the Wikipedia page of the attack events so people gain a better understanding of what’s going on.

Posted by Avinash | Report as abusive

The CNN commentators and Larry King himself are true epitomes of the self centered American mentality. While reporting the Mumbai attacks they constantly kept saying (watch the emphasis)- ‘150 people killed including 5 AMERICANS.’ As though Americans are the only ones that matter. Also CNN newscasters constantly kept criticizing the commando and rescue operations knowing pretty well the difficulties on the ground and the large number of hostages that these forces were trying to save.

Posted by Imagebabble | Report as abusive

Another reprenensible souless murderous rampage in the the name of islamic radicalism. Those who ignore this assault on civilized socities and conjur up conspiracy theories are no better than enablers at worst and catalysts for more attacks. Track them to their holes and kill thm.

Posted by willie | Report as abusive

where are the shiv sainiks.. hiding perhaps.. wherz MNS & its BOSS.. hiding too!! i guess they should have charged into taj n oberai n nariman house to flush out the militants… cowards !! n my salute to the unsung heroes.. the mumbai fire dept.

Posted by as t | Report as abusive

BBC comments on no British citizens involved in Mumbai attack….RT News comments that Russian citizens were released unharmed….Dawn Pakistan News did not comment at all on foriegn casulties, only on the death of an Ex-Taliban spokesman…. I don’t think America is selfish… it’s called LOYALTY!

Posted by unbelievable | Report as abusive

I absolutely believe that here in America, the mainstream media, including websites, etc. Are focusing on the 5 Americans that were killed and not about the other 160 other Indians killed.
They would not care if just Indians were killed, but the facts that US and UK citizens were singled out rather than that fact that innocent people were killed drives their reports. Even in websites, a majority of the pictures of the attack show more foreigners and how their lives were affected rather than the 300 others that were affected.
Although Americans are generous they have a tendency to present partiality and bias.

Posted by sath | Report as abusive

@sath: I agree. I think the terrorists also took advantage of the Western self-centered mentality and biased outlook and singled out US and UK passport holders just to make sure that that their act caused a huge world-wide repercussion. Otherwise, the attacks would have simply gotten passing mention in the international news, even if the whole of Taj was blown off as the terrorists had actually intended. There is news all over about the American Rabbi and his family, and the member of meditation group and his daughter who were killed. But did the world media focus on the Indian GM of Taj who lost his wife and 2 children in the attack. The brave guy is continuing his duty in the same site even after the tragedy. Is that not something that is commendable?

Posted by Imagebabble | Report as abusive

Right now the world is condemning the Indian politicians but what do we say about the self-declared guardians of human-rights (US & Europe) that see nothing beyond themselves. They don’t even consider third world citizens as humans, forget about their human rights. Their media are just reflective of their cowardly and self-centered attitude. We are talking about uniting on a global level to meet the terrorist upsurge, but how can we take a constructive and concrete step until we truly forget our own peripheries and actually think global?? Until that has happened within the minds of all the people that are participating in this effort, sadly this mission can NEVER succeed.

Posted by Imagebabble | Report as abusive

It is time for focussed action against terrorism and to find the real cause of the terrorist uprise, rather than just solving crises as and when they arise.

Mr. Deepak Chopra had raised a very pertinent question in one of the discussions on CNN – ‘Why is Islamic terrorism a global phenomenon while others are only regional? What instigates its radicalization at such a large scale?’ He said that maybe right thinking Muslims and Islamic leaders should join hands with rest of the world to probe into the elements that helps in the radicalization process.

Posted by Imagebabble | Report as abusive

I think that martyr Hemant Karkare’s family did justice to his memory by refusing Narendra Modi’s financial help. This is a wonderful, graceful and defiant statement against the nasty politicians that will do anything to gain political mileage, first they maligned the honest officer and now they want to show sympathy by offering compensation.

Posted by Imagebabble | Report as abusive

This attack must be an eye opener for all of us Indians and seems to be a pilot scale operation fully encouraged by our hostile neighbours to check out our reactions.

If this is not contained now, what prevents our enemies and terrorists to carry out similar attacks on a mass scale, with hundreds of them at the same time, in multiple cities within India, and that too having a vast number of their symnpathisers in our midst to support them. Just the thought of it is mind boggling.

I hope the right signals are conveyed to these attackers in order to prevent a complete breakdown of our beloved country.

Posted by Sooraj | Report as abusive

every1 who has heard or seen the attacks in mumbai is absolutely horrified by the brutality of the murders taken place ! This is something which should not be tolerated at all ! The people who planned and carried out this horrendous act should be very severely punished ! But i request all those in charge to thoroughly check out all the evidender before pointing their fingers at others ! It saddens me to see that quite a few indians have without seeing any proof have already come to the conclusion that pakistan is involved in these attacks ! I think it would be a better idea to be absolutely sure before pointing the finger at any1 lest like previous times they r very embarrassingly proven wrong !!!

Posted by ayesha | Report as abusive

It proves on the side of security level where india stands still. More on that, Officials need to be cautious on all the reports and information which was generated by people or any offcial body. i hope these things should not continue further to test our security level by the way of loosing priceless indian lives.

Posted by Anbu | Report as abusive

We the people were again taken for a ride
a pain we will never be able to hide
mouths gagged hands tied
becuse on our inept politicians we relied

Posted by Firoze Shakir | Report as abusive

Fellow Citizens, The hour has come for us to wake up….we have to wake up to all the games which is played and it is our fault each and evry citizen of our country who has always wanted to take the easy route rather than take a stand in realalizing that its our approach which has enabled this catostrophy to happen in India…we as citizen woudl only look at our individual benefit and nothing more than that….we need to wake up and the hr has come for us to look beyond……what we are today….a nation of billion people and we see povery, sex discrimination, religios fights,,,, some where down after we got independence we have gone o sleep giving the polititions to make judgements for us. and we have given them the responsibility to gide us….. so is the human mind the greed and craving for power has lead them to put us in a situation where we see we have to borrow technology from other nations where we cant except people of our nation as they pur but judge them to which religion they belong too. we as citizens should wake up …and this is the right moment in indian history …to have that quantum leap…..we no longer belive n the political system which rules us….we wont allow them to decide whats good for us…we as a nation……who has given birth..too great leaders and thinkers would have to make a decesion to take our responsibility…when i say these things …i include my self i am no different than all u common people….i am of the same mentality and approach…we have talked much… for ages…lets see what we can do now….for a greater india, for a secure india, for a educated india, for a innovative india….we wont to take charge .what can we do…..blogging abt what has happned aint gonna undo the situation whats dne is done now,,,, we have to act…and not react to the situation…act when i say is we have to be action in the whole world….yes I dont trust the politions… why keep them….? what can we do…. oh people lets think…

Posted by Sathya | Report as abusive