Snowed under

February 3, 2009

So what do you do when the TV and radio news are all telling you not to travel, and then you receive a group SMS from your company saying stay at home?

Well it’s the worse snow storm to hit London in 18 years and all you want to do is get out there and shoot it.

I get to my car and as I am wiping the snow off it I look up at the window and see my kids looking at more snow than they have seen in their lives. I watch their little faces light up as it dawns on them that all this snow means only one thing — NO SCHOOL. Now let’s face it, that’s just about as good as it gets.

As I head into the office I start to call the guys. I know Darren Staples has a long journey to Cambridge and want to make sure he’s on his way. I call him at 6:30 a.m. and he’s already there, left his house before 4 a.m. to make sure he beat the weather. The same thing happens as I call the London team, they are dressed to impress in all-weather gear and in situ and already taking pictures.

So everyone’s juiced and riding the wave.

Not sure if it’s because I spent four years living and working in Rome but as I drive into town all I can think of is this beautiful golden statue of Saint Paul covered in snow. Luckily for me everyone else had better ideas. The pick of the crop is London staffer Toby Melville’s beautiful view showing Big Ben through snow covered trees.

Now I know its only snow but the Brits, pretty much like every nation I know, are obsessed with the weather. We like to see the funny side as we watch society crumble — no buses, no trains, no schools, no ambulances, no shops open, restaurants closing early, West End shows cancelled, etc..

Twelve hours later I’m heading home and I get a call from the office saying The Times is going to use Toby’s picture on the front page and that newspaper websites are all full of our material.

Looking at the newspapers on Tuesday morning it’s great to see them use our pictures to show their readers around the world what London looks like under a picturesque snow blanket.


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What a great set of pictures. Brilliant observation (as always) and a lovely touch of British humour.

Thank you!

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I love the sense of pride you describe still getting out of seeing your material all over the press. That must be a real kick!

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Wonderful group, and some rare catches for sure!! Thanks!

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Thank you for the breathtaking, magical, beautiful photos of London as a “Mid-winter Day’s Dream.” I wish I could think of a good way to photoshop them and mount them on my walls. But I’ll just do my best to enlarge them and print them so that I may sneak a look when I’m feeling a bit down. I Love N.Y., but London will quite do, as well!

Merry Christmas,

Diane Hamilton
Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

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I could have never imagined such a white London… if not for the amazing photographs as seen here. My personal pick would be the one with the telephone booths.

Great work and congrats to the team that makes it happen.

-Sheen, Bahrain

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Fantastic! The snow was amazing, and such a brilliant photo opportunity. I’m gutted that I was literally stuck in South London and unable to get into central London, which I can see was a beautiful and rare sight in so much snow.

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Congratulations for the inspiration to take this special pictures in a special snow moments. Thank you all.
I still enjoying all the photograps about those days, the light, the snow, the different sides of London, details, that make you really feel are there. Again, thank you. …..maybe can be interesting to see the same sides, and actions , with the Spring , Summer and Authom special moments that nature remind to all of us it presence.

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