The Wilsons: Climbing out of unemployment and homelessness

July 10, 2009

Dallas, Texas contract photographer Jessica Rinaldi spent three intensive, intimate and emotional days in the lives of Annette and Frederick Wilson and their family. The Wilsons have been homeless since they moved to Texas from Minnesota after losing both their jobs and then their home.

They ended up with their children and extended family in a homeless shelter but through assistance from the National Urban League they have now found some employment and income, and finally an apartment to live in.

Jessica’s audio slideshow, narrated by the Wilsons themselves:

Annette had been a bus driver in Minneapolis and Frederick was a forklift operator, but he had already been out of work for almost year before Annette lost her job. When Annette, who is a pastor in a Pentecostal church, lost her job and could no longer make the payments on her home she prayed to God for guidance and she says that God told her to move to Texas. They arrived in Texas with only $150 and drove straight to a homeless shelter. There they learned about a local job fair where they got in contact with the National Urban League who helped them move out of the shelter and into a motel room.

Frederick, who has been making small amounts of cash working a few hours a night doing jobs that employees do not want to do themselves (like mopping or climbing into dumpsters to break down and sort the trash), continues to apply for better jobs and remains hopeful.

After close to three weeks in a homeless shelter and one week in a motel, with a new job for Annette and financial assistance from the Urban League, the Wilson family have now moved into a new apartment that they and their family can call home.


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I find this a great tradgedy, that the ones who have created this crisis deliberately, being the Fed , Wall Street and the big banks which are all offshore, and the 13 families behind it, have stolen your money, and now are throwing you all out on the street. Thousands of empty houses that not even the banks want. Take them back.
What are you people doing. Why are you allowing this.
Why do you not stand up and claim your god given rights.
The right to a home the right to a livliehood the right to eat for gods sake. The Government is no better allowing this to occur whilst they throw trillions at
these thieves. AS well as trillions for homeland security which is no more then martial law.
Come on people claim your god givens rights.
You out number the thieves overwhelmingly.
You think things are bad now if you do not take action you will not even have food to eat next year.
Also wake up you little authoritys local government courts etc. this is anti american to allow these thieves to do this, stand by the people as you will be next.
Take back America take back your homes,take back your constitution now.

Posted by Leslie | Report as abusive

what a legacy these parents will leave for their children w/their self-less sacrifices & faith in GOD to lead them!! May GOD continue to Bless this family!!

Posted by cynthia gorman | Report as abusive