Warrior Ink

September 4, 2009

Reuters photographer Tim Wimborne documents the tattoos of members of the U.S. military serving in Afghanistan in the audio slideshow above.

View full coverage of the War in Afghanistan here.


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Awesome way to present a photo work. Great photojournalism!

Posted by Santiago | Report as abusive

Its been a long time but I am glad to see nothing has really changed since when I was in the military. We were the same way in the Marines. Just about everyone I knew had a tattoo. I ended up with five myself. The reasons for getting them varied but it was almost like a ritual or a rite of passage for us. For others, they saw them as a way to look “salty” in the eyes of their peers.

Posted by Joe | Report as abusive

I am very proud of the men and women serving in the United States Military here and in the dangerous war zones. I salute them and I am not ashamed of this country. I support the legacy and tenacity of this great nation. May God Bless the USA.

Posted by eva | Report as abusive

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Posted by popurls.com // popular today | Report as abusive

All I see is a black box. Some issue with the MotionBox video player I guess.

Posted by Pete | Report as abusive

For Eva — those misty-eyed emotions are getting our soldiers killed. Uselessly, in wars that have no justification in law or reason. Would you be proud if your son was killed in a war concocted by chicken hawks under false pretenses? That life is worst than wasted; it is destroyed while acting as an unwitting agent of a criminal conspiracy to wage aggressive war. And what about the innocent life your son may have destroyed? Iraqis and Afghanis have nowhere to flee; we are killing them in their homes, on their streets, in their workplaces. We are destroying their means of livelihood, crushing entire families, creating righteous and determined enemies by our criminal and inhuman conduct. That’s nothing to be proud of.

Posted by carl | Report as abusive

takes awhile for the video to load up. Give it a few minutes. Great work btw…enjoyed the video. thanks.

Posted by JJ | Report as abusive

Carl-you’re a bonehead.While i respect these guys, some low-rent tatoo parlors in Colorado Springs got undeserved publicity.

Posted by currahee | Report as abusive

Stop this madness America. Your agenda is profit in war and you have no sympathy for who you step on in the process.For everybody else, please stand up, and try to put a stop to this.

Posted by curt | Report as abusive

These are some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen.

Posted by pilate | Report as abusive

Tattoos are cool. Wars are not.

Posted by Bart H. | Report as abusive

Great propaganda! Very indirect, distracting, and definitely elicits a breif spasm of positive emotions in a situation that merits none. Americans are far better off tackling the root cause of terrorism (Primarily Israeli oppression of Palestinians) than trying to sustain futile wars of aggression that waste their own lives and others’.

Posted by khamdy | Report as abusive

It’s a great way to show your feeling with out words keep up the good work and come home safe were proud of you

Posted by stuart | Report as abusive

I’m very proud of our enlisted American Military. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the guys over there are private, corporate-owned mercenaries that make up to 6 figures and take orders from no branch of the government. Ah, America.

Posted by BrentBordelon | Report as abusive

Carl,You are an id10t. Would you rather fight the terrorists in your front yard or in theirs?

Posted by Samuel | Report as abusive

Tim – Awesome work, thanks for the photos !

Posted by Sevil Perry | Report as abusive

Samuel,You completely missed the point. You don’t fight fire with fire. Carl’s point is completely legitimate. Instead of channeling the efforts and energy of our brave men and women into something worthwhile, they are there to help deepen the pockets of people like Dick Cheney. Their lives have no value in the eyes of Halliburton and friends, just as the lives of the innocent Iraqi and Afghan citizens have no value. So before you go calling someone else an idiot, take a look at yourself. Stop all this fear mongering and read a book or two.

Posted by Marianne | Report as abusive

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Great way to show the world what the men in uniform and their stories that would share of what inspires them.

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