The debate over healthcare – Public opinions

September 9, 2009

People speak out both for and against U.S. healthcare reform at a town hall meeting in Reston, Virginia.

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We have to have a system that allows all US citizens to recieve an adequate level of care. Just saying we cannot afford it is not acceptable. Other countries have a universal system and it works. Enough of the huffing and puffing. Let’s put the cards on the table and see what everyone has.

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Let’s abandon this whole erred heath insurance concept and revisit it in 20 years. Baucus has no clue about anything related to health care and I didn’t realize that the American people elected him to be in charge of this. This whole mess is exactly what the American people want, or else they’d change it immediately. Hmm.

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BOTTOM LINE — There is NOTHING that big government, big bureaucracies, big politicians, and big government unions can do more cost effectively, efficiently, and with more accountability than FREE enterprise, driven by FREE choice.

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Well, when the banks were free of regulation, they
nearly brought down the whole financial system
with their irresponsible gambling and greed for bonuses.
This was a momental failure of free enterprise. A good
system when regulated. The biggest banks were guilty
of downright fraud, but no one is punished.

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