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I think people have different reasons why they get tattoos. To simply put it, some people like to buy a painting for home decoration, some people just like having the paintings on their bodies. Actually, most of the ladies I shot above actually have tattoo artists for husbands and mentioned that they were very proud to be the canvas for their respective partners.

To see someone create something from nothing on another person’s body by freehand is actually quite an amazing sight!

Some people get tattoos like to remind them of maybe an important moment in their lives and some get tattoos to remember a lost friend or relative. Some people get tattoos to follow trends and really regret them later – barb wire and barcode tattoos. I think secretly, people who get tattoos all pray that they never get sick of their designs because it will last a lifetime.

Speaking from experience, I got my first tattoo at the end of my national service with the army to mark that occasion. And once you start, you get a bit addicted to it.

Ever thought of getting one yourself? =P