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Re: Repressed fear in a transgendered world
MAR 16, 2011 17:34 EDT

Hi, I work for the National Immigrant Justice Center, I run the Asylum Documentation Project for the National Asylum Partnership on Sexual Minorities- My project provides documentation on human right abuses for sexual minorities and those with HIV/AIDS who are seeking asylum based on sexual orientation and HIV status- Part of my job is supporting asylum seekers who are in deportation proceedings in detention centers all over the US.

Your article caught my eye and I would like to be able to use it to support asylum seekers from Honduras. For purposes of asylum, I need to have a date of publication and the name of the person who wrote the article- Is this something you can provide me with, so I can use it in support of LGBT cases from Honduras?


Dusty Araujo
Asylum Documentation Coordinator
National Asylum Partnership on Sexual Minorities
National Immigrant Justice Center, A Heartland Alliance Partner
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San Francisco, CA 94104
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By: Tina_Russell Tue, 05 Apr 2011 01:05:46 +0000 Thank you so much for this article! I’m transsexual and whenever I read about transsexual sex workers in Latin America, South Asia, or anywhere else my heart is always pounding and I think, those are my people. Most news articles, especially from North American or European sources, don’t talk about them as people, though. You let us inside their world and showed us their strength, hardship, and glory; and for that I, on behalf of myself and all my transsexual brothers and sisters (no matter what we do or why), thank you.

(Oh, and you came close by showing one of them fixing up her hair, but thank you for not choosing a photo of one of them putting on makeup; it’s an infamous cliché for any news story about transsexual women and I was happy not to see it here. Keep it up!)

(Okay, one last thing: thanks for the closing quote. I know it strikes fear into my heart to imagine myself being mentioned in a news article with my name in quotation marks, or with the wrong pronouns, etc. Thanks for not only being respectful, but for airing their wishes as well.)