Naturism: These images contain nudity

September 19, 2011

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It was a pleasure to work with Mark. He took the time to really understand the naturist philosophy and thus avoided the typical provocative view of our nudity. While we understand that nudity is the most salient aspect of our creed for people in mainstream society, naturism is so much more than just taking your clothes off. It is a life philosophy with physical, psychological, environmental, social and moral benefits. Mark spent enough time with us to understand that. By participating, he put his subjects at ease because he showed them that he was not just there to exploit us. I think that shows in the photographs.

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Mark, what delightful and honest video on your visit to Bare Oaks. Not often does mainstream media do a piece like this without multiple warnings and cute camera angles or pixelated body parts. And, to me the fact that you were nude during your visit speaks volumes about you. I had the pleasure of spending several days at Bare Oaks in early August and I had a wonderful time. I was made to feel welcome. Naturism really is a wonderful way of life and wearing a bathing suit just sucks.

thanks again,


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As a long time nudist/naturist I found this video an honest view of how I enjoy my time spent recreating nude. truly is a huge part of my life and this video has moved Bare Oaks up on my “to visit” list.

Thanks for providing a great video that I will share with family and friends. A special thanks to those at Bare Oaks who agreed to participate and share their opinions and views.

Shirley Gauthier

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WOW. This is the best report on naturism that I have ever seen. It needs to be seen by both the public and naturists alike. It’s great how the connection is made between nudity and spirituality and community. This is what’s lost in most reports about naturism. If we in the naturist community could get this message across more often I’m sure it would draw more people. Naturists were among the first to advocate for sustainable ideas like health, vegetarianism, and community back in the 1880’s, which was the birth of the modern naturist movement. Bare Oaks seems to have kept that philosophical connection, and I am eager to visit their resort and talk with the people there. Way to go, folks!

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