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Good work in catching the images of the conflict which the American warriors family are never going to forget in generations. Good work indeed.
However, as a journalist you did not learn that the local residents as you named them were TALIBANS.
It has been the destiny of Pashtuns, labeled by the yanks as talibans, to have the last encounter with Imperial forces of our times and to degrade them before they retire to oblivion. It is so sad that the USA had to fall into the same trap as the Brits and later the Soviets after them. During ten years the USA has lost the status f a super power, has gone broke and is unable to raise money for infrastructure reapirs at home and give employments to GI’s who suffered humiliation after humiliation by serving in the orient.

Rex Minor

By: Renox Mon, 10 Oct 2011 22:28:48 +0000 NATO is known to exaggerate and distort its public statements as part of a propaganda campaign accompanying its 10-year military campaign.

By: InfiniteRand Sat, 08 Oct 2011 15:03:54 +0000 We’ve been training Afghan soldiers to fight more successfully, but have we been training them in advanced counter-insurgency techniques. If the US is not willing or able to conduct a full-blown counter-insurgency campaign (I think the marks of such a campaign are overwhelming force initially, then holding the area till it and its surrounding vicinity is completely secure, and throughout this process conducting hearts and minds campaign), we should try to urge the Afghan army to.

Otherwise, the Afghan army could easily fall into the trap of so many other national armies, assuming that by virtual of it’s nationality it deserves respect and obedience, and not realizing that the local populace can regard a national force as an outside imposition just as easily as it can regard a foreign force, and thus neglecting efforts to actively win over the local peoples.