NFL touchdown in London

November 16, 2011

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Try as I may, I cannot understand soccer but la football! I am an impassioned fan and usually watch three games each Sunday (of course hoping for a Bills win). I enjoyed this article.

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You don’t and can’t watch three soccer games, one soccer game is more than enough. You pour all your passion into your team, and at the end of the game, you must be exhusted–that’s soccer. Years ago, i watched a soccer game between my team and a visiting team. I was at the stadium, nevertheless, i had my big, battery-powered transistor radio on my shoulder, and my Bible on the other. It was more than a religious affair, it was the essence of being, and every other thing takes a rear seat. I was shocked at my first baseball game to notice that many of the so called fans were half drunk before the third inning.
I have often thought that it may not be about the sport but the people, where sport replaces life.

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Finally been waiting for this post for ages!

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