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It’s our life now…

By: Analist Tue, 22 Nov 2011 01:42:01 +0000 Wrong about the eficacy of OWS–just look at the 2000 sites where people have ‘occupied’ and think again. The social action function of demonstrations is the point of the spear of change and serve a specific function. When peaceful demonstrations are crushed, torn apart and belittled, it serves to make them stronger and educates the public on the dangers of NOT calling out for change.
The 60’s demonstrations accomplished great change indeed, in the north and in the south, and brought to the public the violent reality of the oppression exerted upon African Americans in the south and students in the north, witness Kent State and the Chicago police. Those who fought then are still fighting now for the rights of others if you do your homework. Where will the demonstrators of today be in 20 years? Many places–teaching, in politics, owning businesses, having children…what else should they do? Political action is not a profession, and normal people with conscience are brave to take on pepper spray and night sticks.
Witness the many surviving leaders of the civil rights movement, organizations such as the Southern Poverty Center, ACLU and other agencies that represent people who need and do not have representation in courts and who have been abused due to race or ethnicity. Look at the disability rights acts IDEA and the women’s movement–all this progress stemmed from action taken by average people, and much of it from the civil rights movement.

By: dermotmckinney Thu, 17 Nov 2011 19:25:30 +0000 Occupy wall street versus voting

There is no doubt that Occupy Wall Street , and the sister demos around the world, is a story of our time. Just like Woodstock and the street demonstrations were of the late 1960s in Europe and the USA. For all their songs and voices, for all the demonstrations, for all the promises of that time nothing changed because of it, the songs endure, the memories a mere bagatelle and the demonstrators during that time…. well they are our leaders now they are the ones that have helped to create the upheaval and the havoc in the past number of years and they have driven capitalism down the same road as communism…. to a cul-de-sac of bankruptcy. It is a a gross irony that communism and capitalism both imploded for the same major reason… greed among the leaders.

If the street protests of the 1960s and the world wide Wall Street protests now have shown is that we all have a lot of questions but few of us have the answers. We need to listen to OWS, we need to ask the questions but where OWS falls down is that it has no answers. This is not a criticism of the movement it did not set out to provide answers, just like in the 1960s. If I have a criticism of the OWS movement participants ( the world wide movement) it is this: what do you do on election day?…..Do you vote?

Once the right questions are asked then the hard work is done all we need then is to put in place the system that will give us the answers. OWS is a unique platform for the questions. We must all admire the cooperative spirit of the movement. If the movement achieves nothing else it proved that human interaction and human respect is not dead.

However, we have the system in place…… it is called Democracy…. and together with its sister Capitalism there is no finer system. I am talking about real democracy and real capitalism not the one that the OWS movement is asking questions about.

Real democracy is one where all participate all the time.

Think of yourself as the head of the Human Resources Department in a big firm, every five years the staff must come to you to have their contract renewed, or not. It is now five years since an employee had such a performance review and you are really looking forward to getting rid of him/her . After all you, as human resources manger, have done nothing but satirised this employee, sneered at them, rightly criticised their very poor performance, their lack of aptitude for the job , their inefficient and incompetent ways. There are many potentially great candidates for the job and it is your responsibility to ensure the right person gets the job… pick the wrong person and you are totally to blame for the consequences. And guess what?….That is correct you renew the contract, after all the sneering, all the problems, all the lies , all the false promises ….YOU, yes YOU, yes me the reader sitting in front of this computer screen had the power to tell this politician enough is enough I am going to use my hard earned vote to help elect a credible candidate for this job. The job being my representative in parliament / the senate/ congress.. call it what you will. The bottomline.. …elect Bozo the clown and you get the circus.

Elect people with the right attitude, knowledge-base, skill, aptitude, ability and genuine motivation and you get social democracy with social capitalism. Here is the crucial bit…. democracy does not mean voting every number of years and then going back to sleep. Democracy is participatory. Deciding who you are going to vote for is more than an X marked on a ballot paper, it is an X on a ballot paper with full transparency and regulatory devises to ensure it is by, for and with you.

Voting is not a 30 second activity it runs for the duration of the parliament, it is about the responsibility of deciding who you are voting for, the reasons for voting for them the consequences of that vote AND

it will save you a lot of time and energy, by participating you will not have to camp out in the cold and dark asking a lot of questions of your politicians, the answer you will get and the answer to the OWS demonstrations and indeed of the 1960s demonstrations is that YOU sold yourself short by participating in the democratic process for a mere 30 seconds every 5 years or …… and then there are those that did not even spend that 30 seconds and now they have lots of questions. some people spend more time deciding what they will have for Sunday lunch than who will represent them in parliament.

There is nothing special about this 30 second activity. No need to get all soggy eyed about how your forefathers fought and died for this right, after all, this is a ritual that is also carried out in communist countries, left and right wings dictatorships and by other despotic regimes. The difference is that they have no right to choose the candidates they want and we do not use our right to choose.

Our business leaders reflex that choice of political leader we vote for ( birds of a feather flock together). We have seen in the past number of years, and indeed right up to today, that these business people think they are invincible and some have diced with our livelihoods, gambled away our secure futures and have lost billions in the process not only have they not had to answer for these crimes, they are still in top career posts.

The OWS movements has more questions than it has the time to ask, it is a start but my question again… what did you do on polling day?… What will you do on election day next time? And how will you fill out that job performance review of the politicians next term.

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By: mpisciotta Wed, 16 Nov 2011 17:55:50 +0000 Dear Wall Street Occupiers:

Re: What did you accomplish?

I would like to know if you feel like you accomplished anything from this demonstration besides the point that they are putting money before people in their decision making processes. What are your resolutions to this problem in greed? How can America fix what is broken? How would you make a change or impact to Wall Street to make the difference in putting people first. What are your suggestions and then foremost what is the action plan that is going to make it happen if any?