License to kill

November 18, 2011

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This is a truly fascinating subject. Rats are obnoxious creatures.We know the devastation rats had in Europe in the 1500’s. I hope to see this as a indie film soon. As much as those little creatures freak me out, it’s good to know someone is dealing with them in a lethal manner.

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I hope that the rising wave of capitalist industrialists in India do not get between these rat workers and the government – that will mean less pay for the workers (and even greater enrichment of the ‘rich’ in India.

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What a hard job. Ones have everything, others have almost nothing. Not easy to believe in justice.

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I think we should invest more in research for better ways to kill rodents than the conventional beating method

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I agreewith algernon3….let them work and have dignity!It is a great servicethey provide.

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First i would like to congratulate India for a Nature friendly way of killing rats and creating jobs!
Second, i would like to state my huge admiration for Mr. Javed Sheikh’s craft, which he and his sons have been improving over long years of work! I have to recognise how amazing it is to have acquired the know-how of catching and killing rats with an improvised stick and in such an efficient way (900 hundred rats per month!). Defenitly, they are highly skilled workers.
Thirdly, if i get it right, Mr. Sheikh and his family always managed to get money to live from their own work, and i supose they never received benefits from state or other sources, so they have every reason to be proud of themselves. I am sure they are very respectable persons.
Congratulations for the Sheikh family, because you are winners!

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Rats are undoubtedly a menace to the well being of clean and hygienic living. It is good to learn of the poor how very pathetically they earn their livihood in a country that would be known as an Economical Super Power of the South East Asia.

I suppose the condition would improve if concerned people of India could forget their age old living standard habit in slam area during their days of slavery under British rule.

If they would have forgotten it then they would clean up the entire area infested with rats and engaged the rat killers with new jobs with enhanced salary to contribute meaning fully to the development of the nation.

I sincerely believe that these hard working rat killer labor class is better than the big fat corrupt rats that are eating away the marrow of the country, getting fat salary and contributing to the earning of bad names to the country.

May be the government spend some money to clean up the area infested with rats and other menaces in a city of name and fame. To let it stay as it is would over and above having earned the reputation of bad name of being miser Land grabbing, water source grabbing, and continental shelve grabbing country of neighbor countries, being a Economical Supper Power of South East Asia, does not sound good and goes well with such reputation together with the condition of slam area that the writer of the article has so kindly exposed to open the eyes of the government to take immediate action before long the people rise up against the ineptness of the government for decades.’

It is indeed very regrettable for a rising Super Power. People may differ but with what intent?

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Ukraine can offer its stray dogs. They will kill rats for freeā€¦just to eat something! dexa.php?asearch=TRUE&event_id=430326

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Importing Ukraine stray dogs above the existing Indian stray dogs is a great idea of the economist of India. I am sure Ukraine would be too happy to export its stray dogs.

Why not send a proposal to the Indian government for a quick action on this brilliant break through idea of importing Ukraine dogs to kill Indian rats?

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Screw the Ukrainian idea. There are enough Jack Russell Terriers here in the U.S. that nobody wants. They thrive on killing rats!

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