Spain’s austere life

May 28, 2012

By Marcelo del Pozo

My photo story on Spain’s Austerity Squatters is a somewhat humble tribute to women.


When I entered the occupied building, I found a group of women with insurmountable courage and strength; women struggling for dignity; women fighting for their families to not live on the street after their eviction; women, often unemployed, without economic resources.

The first night I spent with them, without asking me beforehand, they gave me a plate of ratatouille. Thanking them, my first reaction was to tell them that I was not hungry, but the reality was different – I was starving. I found it uncomfortable to eat a meal in a place where food and resources were scarce, but I thought it would do more harm to reject this ration, that was offered to me with much affection and pride. I ate and it was extremely tasty.

I experienced great human moments, when their eyes shone with the shy hint of tears. I loved seeing their mouths draw into a smile as they asked me if I believed that the occupation would be a success. I said yes, this looks great.

Little by little, I began engaging with them. I felt honored when they confessed that I was the only journalist allowed to move freely around the building. They said they felt very confident with me. I think that’s one of the best rewards that a photographer can get, confidence.


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Charm is sometimes more important than technology or skills, and you have plenty of it! :)

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Magnífico reportaje.

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nice documentary photos :-)

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As a Spaniard, I just wanted to say that your choice of photographs is an embarrassment, the country is going through a crisis but the pictures you show reflect a surreal Spain where people eat from the garbage which is untrue and does not help with the country’s image at all. Spain is a gorgeous country, as developed as the United States, and this third world country imagery is fake and exaggerated.

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