Aboard Romney’s farewell tour

November 9, 2012

Boston, Massachusetts

By Brian Snyder

Election Day:

We received the email with the election day schedule around 1am and we weren’t even at our hotel for the night yet. The 6:55am call time for Tuesday morning would mean we would be in our hotel rooms less than 4.5 hours. The schedule indicated that the protective pool would cover Governor Mitt Romney voting in Belmont, Massachusetts and then travel to Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for some Get Out the Vote phone calls, before returning to Boston to await the election result.

Voting in Belmont went much like it did in March when Governor Romney voted in the Massachusetts primary on Super Tuesday.

A short motorcade trip from Belmont to the airport and we were off to Cleveland, where we met up with Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan.

The two men went to a campaign call center in the Cleveland suburb of Richmond Heights where we were told they would make some calls to voters. It seemed odd at the time that they never sat down and made any calls – rather, they went around the room shaking hands with and thanking workers and volunteers as well as briefly addressing them as a group.

Busy filing photographs from the visit on the ride back to the airport, we scrambled out of the vans when the motorcade stopped at a Wendy’s restaurant. Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan went inside and ordered some food.

It was a quick 18 minute flight to Pittsburgh, where a large group of supporters welcomed the Governor from a parking garage just outside the fence surrounding the airport.

Another quick motorcade ride to the campaign call center, where, unlike in Cleveland, there was no expectation of the Governor doing anything other than thanking the workers.

It was here that it began to feel like our trip to Cleveland and Pittsburgh were a farewell tour, and not a get-out-the-vote effort.

Governor Romney came back to talk to reporters on the plane ride home – something he had not done in quite a while during the election campaign. After about 1300 miles of travel for the day, we landed back in Boston in the dark to await the result of the election.

The protective pool waited in a hold room near the rally site and we watched the results come in on TV like everyone else. Once the television networks called Ohio and the election for President Obama, we moved to the buffer around the stage, only to be told something had changed and it might be up to an hour before anything happened. We waited in a different hold room until shortly before 1am, when Governor Romney delivered his short concession speech.

And with that, he walked off stage. The protective pool went back to our hold room to file photographs. We said goodbye to the Secret Service agents assigned to us, said goodbye to some of the campaign staff we had worked with day in and day out. And it was over.


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I know I shouldn’t, but I feel a twinge of melancholy. I am as pleased as anyone that he’s not the president, and I know he has a quality of life I can only dream about, but what is this sadness I feel? Is it simply the result of the aftermath of a draining election or is it the recognition of the passing of something familiar?

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Let him go away. He may or may not be a good person, but for the most of us he is from that arrogant and ignorant class of people who only know wealth and privilege.

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You feel bad because Mitt Romney was a good man who gave his heart and soul to winning the election. He could have just retired and enjoyed a comfortable life like many his age, but he chose to run for President because he beleived that he could truly help this country overcome its financial dificulties and start an ecoomic recovery. I think he would have been a great president.

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Brian, Brian, Brian, how soon they forget the campaigns that didn’t stop at all the last 96 hours – one rally to another – we went to a hotel for ONE hour to get a shower and thats it! Some of those 3:30 airport rallies with 100 people there we would watch from the plane….

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More National Integrity is Needed by:

US, “Both Intellectuals and Universities Students”.

In brief, Universities are the central zones for building up academics capacities in various fields of liberal arts and sciences. What I know students take between 75% to 90% of their time searching for deeper sides of academics collections in libraries, labs and other searchable centers to store knowledge, when in or during exams “students” achieve greater successes, such is the actual nature of Universities life when comes to reality of better future while restoring the actual elements of responsibility of better and advance skills, as well trust; when handing over that responsibility to an other new but capable generations. Hence, such insight is to be observe by leaders who are motivating students leadership.On another hand students has a limited time to act in the field of students functions, movement and or student politics; their free zone time is between 10% to 25% from her or his time, this also depends on student’s intelligence.
Here come the central element, students must act upon which base on “See, Judge and Act. And for the right student he or she “first recall the dimensional impacts of the American people; before doing any political duty or roles, let me give some light questions: how the history of war and peace and unity affected the earlier life of the American people and how the first American managed to build and brought out the nation, while recalling the cost of democracy whereat now people are calling abut change and freedom. In fact, time is changing and people are changing too.
And along the process of genuineness of change, some old and good doctrines are not changeable and once they are changed, it may cause greater damages in what the previous wise Americans built…”take care: when you are staying in the glass houses, do not throw stones at those who are not in class houses …”
I want to put it very clear for both: the American intellectuals of the two political parties and the American Universities Students leaders; “both of you are like two cars full of eggs which need to be taken from farm to the stock market.” I think those who are responsible for the students moves in thses day across United States of America are using a very high speed. Please stop your cars and get down from your cars and check the cars, you are not actually carrying eggs but those are the American people who want to go to a future which is unknown by many many of the Americans. What you need to do now as “Intellectuals and Students” of United States of America is to let the students have heir normal Universities life and normal students functions, but let there be a normal relations between Universities students leaders and the US intellectuals, but these relations are to be on the basis of “Truth, Justices, Reconciliation, Liberty, Freedom and Love”. Here we go…Keep USA safe for the American people and let not any foreign cause any negative act towards what was built by your great people.

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