The people behind your mail

December 3, 2012

Chicago, Illinois

By John Gress

Every afternoon I walk through the front door and step over my mail. When I pick it up, I never think about where its been or how its made it to my home – God only knows, I guess, well sort of…

After spending most of Thursday with United States Postal Service employees, I know a lot more about how it made its way to my door than ever before.

At the dawn of each day, these dedicated civil servants handle amazing volumes of mail and packages (or as I learned during my time there, ‘the post”). I met a letter carrier who was slated to deliver a van load of mail and she said it was a light day.

While a lot of mail is electronically sorted, carriers begin their day by sorting some mail by hand and integrating it with the pre-sorted mail. At the same time, clerks sort packages by route and often times the letter carrier I met will begin her route by delivering mostly letters and then make a second round delivering packages.

So this week when I send off one of my ebay packages, I will think of the people I met who were up to their arm pits in boxes and appreciate even more the work they do to keep our economy moving.

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Mailman making the rounds in Eugene, Oregon:

from the series, “Along West 11th Ave.”

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