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I can only be on the side of the natives. It is their native land. It is their oil.

It is in the criminal interest of the oil companies to claim a “right” to the oil by conspiring with and corrupting local wealthy business people, who will give them a piece of paper saying they now own the oil.

This is the same scam that has worked for centuries. We saw it in the British East India Company producing pieces of paper showing it legally “owned” all the resources of India.

We saw the British and American oil companies do it in Iran and then Iraq. Millions of peoples families had lived on the Iran and Iraq lands for centuries, generation after generation. Yet, the British and American oil companies announced that they have “acquired” the rights to all their oil. How?

The criminals are not the Nigerian masses. The criminals are the officers and lawyers of the major multinational oil companies that bribe, rob, plunder, and murder.

Those corporate officers, extemely wealthy, live in London, New York, and Amsterdam — openly, as though they were not criminals. One day, hopefully, history will at last hold them accountable.

This article was one tiny step toward that end.

Great article.