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Our friend, a Russian trekker, is at present at the station in Utah you told about. We would like to publish your expressive story in Russian on the site of our magazine Supernova, where we intend to publish his story too.
You may see our site at and in Contacts there is my email. I hope you can give us your permission.
Good luck and keep the great job!

By: charlotte52 Tue, 12 Mar 2013 17:47:27 +0000 Thank you for this very interesting article! I am older than you but enjoy also very much star trek and similar movies!And your photos are really amazing, Your dad did the right thing…
To answer the previous comment,It is important to know that all the research done for the space ,like Nasa, or others like this project, subsequently have innumerable positive follow ups or applications in other fields. One thing does not exclude the other…I am also convinced that humans are explorers and it is in our nature to keep going even further.
Sorry for my English! And congratulations to Jim.

By: Betowess Tue, 12 Mar 2013 01:49:35 +0000 The planet we live on is being murdered by jet and general transportation carbons. The ocean (75% of our planet) is largely unexplored with 1000 times less money allocated to its study than these silly trips to the moon and mars.

Its time to start talking about the planets burgeoning over population and focus on solving problems in our “living room”, instead of looking to Frank Herbert and Issac Asimov missions to mars. Get real people. Its where we live NOW!