In the face of tear gas

May 29, 2013

Istanbul, Turkey

By Osman Orsal

I am always prepared for these kind of protests before I arrive.

I wear shirts that cover my arms and of course I carry a gas mask. After all, during protests I can safely predict through my experience when police will use tear gas.

So, I took a secure, good position for shooting images. After taking 3-4 photos it is hard for everyone (even if you have a gas mask) to continue taking pictures because of the tear gas. I followed exactly this procedure with this protest.

After the demonstration was over I saw other people affected by tear gas pouring fresh lemon in their eyes. It is believed to be a kind of a healer after tear gas. But I couldn’t see this woman around. She probably went somewhere to wash her face and refresh herself for the next battle. The protesters said they wouldn’t let destruction crews cut down the trees.


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Que ridículo ese policía; fijo que le gustó la muchacha y por eso esa exagerada cantidad de gas hacia ella (o talvez fue porque no corrió).

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I need some help with my canon 5D mark iii and the 50mm 1.8 lens. I was always able to use this lens with my old canon 40D without fail and no problems. But for some reason this lens would NOT focus on the 5Diii and it keeps making that focus sound very loudly.

I tried doing a quick search on google, but nothing really came up regarding this problem. Does anyone have any idea?

Btw, my 85mm 1.8 works perfectly well on this body.

Here’s a video (not mine) from youtube – which is the EXACT same thing that is happening to me. 2g

Thanks in advance.

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That’s not tear gas, more likely pepper spray.
Direct contact with 2-Chlorobenzylidene Malonitrile is serious business.
The individuals in the picture above would be on the ground and later in the hospital after a hose down like that.

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I imagine this has nothing to do with having a new full frame camera and everything to do with the focus motor. It just happens, and is this is well represented by similar reports you will see elsewhere in discussions about this lens…magic shots, imperfect lifespan….very human.

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