A day in the Millenium Gaming House

November 29, 2013

Marseille, France

By Jean-Paul Pelissier

Call of Duty, Warcraft, League of Legends, Starcraft II or even FIFA… I had already heard of these video games, mostly when shopping for Christmas presents for my teenage nephew, but I never could have guessed the different universe that I would discover behind these titles.

I walked into the Holiest of Holies, The Millenium Gaming House in the center of Marseille, to find around fifteen gamers – their eyes glued to their screens.

These gamers are superstars. Revered in the video game galaxy, they are role-models for every obsessive teenager. Aged from 18 to 25, these professional gamers compete in all the major tournaments organized by tech industry giants, with some prize funds worth several million dollars.

So how does one of the tenants in this gaming house spend a typical day? Let’s find out.

Between 10am and 1pm: Time to wake up. Check your Skype or Facebook messages. Next, it’s time for a legendary cheese and ham toastie – more on them later. You start the ladder sessions, knock-out tournaments which happen in two-hour blocks. A Red Bull and a Coke later and it’s one o’clock. You watch an episode of “Game of Thrones”, with the occasional sidewise glance at your neighbors’ gaming sessions.

2pm: Rounds of games between members of the team. They let you share your knowledge and experience about wins and losses. Your coach also gives his opinion on gaming strategies which boosts your experience.

5pm: You start streaming on Millennium TV! A cheese and ham toastie and a Red Bull later, back to the training.

6pm: You watch live-streaming of international competitions and Millenium TV experts who dissect and analyze what’s happening. A quick flit around the social networks to reply to messages and it’s back to the network to take you through until 10. Drop in quickly in the kitchen to chat to other gamers over a cheese and ham toastie and a couple of Cokes before another live-stream date for some gaming news.

One last team get-together before a debrief where clips of the day’s games and tactics are discussed.

Shut up shop between 1am and 2am: Time to hit the sack in the Gaming House beds for a good night’s sleep.

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