Comments on: Making it as a masseuse What makes a great picture? Thu, 18 Aug 2016 11:13:37 +0000 hourly 1 By: harbingerotruth Sat, 15 Mar 2014 01:23:15 +0000 In this modern day and age it is so sad to see a culture that acquaints the masseuse field with its centuries past darker-side. Like many things in life that can be construed to an evil-like state the masseuse field is but one of those fields that has thus suffered such imagery. But as many cultures in other countrys have come to realize, thank GOD, that their does exist a far greater, healthier and legitimate side to this field.

In that respect, I pray that the authorities and the society of China and its provinces will stop living in naivete and began to further educate the populaces of their country for the benefit of each productive citizens future health as well as their prosperity. Allowing the citizens of a nation to remain living in ignorance is very much akin to committing the greatest sin against your countrymen. For whom would support a government that does not support its own citizens! Exactly, NO ONE! So the Chinese government better think twice before its too late to do so. And if they don’t then that time will surely come to pass and that’s a guarantee proven time and time again throughout time by GOD, himself.

The time is now! Not tomorrow! To begin, To educate, To correct, To enlighten, versus allowing ignorance and evil deceit to reign!

And if anyone agrees with any part of this please, please reply/like this comment so that the Author and Reuters can get the message out to others who have the capability to do something governmental on this autrocity.