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Came across the photos in Mr. Nick Macfie’s article yesterday, very much struck by the solemness they invoked.

To lessen the grievousness of the families I have a plausible reason for the failure of the extensive sea and air searches to spot any MH 370 debris.

In the headlong searches launched, searchers appeared to have forgotten to wear anti glare sunglasses and camera filter (fitted on binoculars) which greatly reduce light reflected on water surface. See following videos. R0 1min VM 2min CE 3min jk 1min

If they had been in use the 22m object shown in satellite pic would not had been missed.

Additionally, had the search aircrafts recorded videos using HD cameras fitted with polarized light filters, and transmitted them for viewing by experts, the sighting capability would have been enhanced several times.

Since some floating debris is still out there, would families of missing passengers want a new air search given that the first one was bungled ? Or wait for up to another year for result of the new undersea search ? I think they should be informed of the blunder and be given the option to make the choice.