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Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Lucy1Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds was my nickname yesterday.

My Olympic opening ceremony endurance test began with an 8am call to be on the roof of the Bird's Nest stadium for a meeting of photographers. I began my first of three climbs through the maze of steep, narrow catwalks with IOC pool photographers from AP, Getty, AFP and Xinhua. On either side of the path were sheets of glass through which the colored lights of the stadium are projected.

We were told to wear fireproof suits, helmets and climbing harnesses over our clothes. The Chinese fireworks technicians on the roof had sensibly chosen to wear t-shirts and shorts.

It was 90-something degrees Fahrenheit and humid on the ground, but felt a lot hotter on the roof -- especially after lugging three camera bodies, five lenses, a bag of magic arms and 50 meters of remote cable up there.

Lucy5The door to the catacombs of the roof was barred by Chinese police who confiscated any water, food, cigarettes and cell phones.

The show was filled with interludes of fireworks, and we were told to crouch on the floor every time another burst came. So I quickly mounted a wide angle Canon 5D with 15mm lens on the edge of the stadium, which I could fire remotely every time we had to duck.

The Super Bowl 2008 – a multimedia blog

 Super Bowl

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Composer of ‘dub’ media day music: Pierre Gerwig Langer

Notes from a wildfire


Photo: Lucy Nicholson.

4.30am and traffic is actually moving at the busiest freeway junction in the U.S.  If only I could drive everywhere at this time.

Photographer Mike Blake has been up all night waiting to hear whether he will have to evacuate from his San Diego home with his wife and son.  Luckily the wind has changed direction and the expected firestorm didn’t make its way to the coast.

Californian homes burn fast.

Not like brick or stone houses.  A couple of hours after the first spark, all that remains is a pile of shredded paper.  The powdery landscape is broken up by satellite dishes, burnt-out car chassis, metal-framed garden furniture and the odd piece of pottery.  An acrid chemical smell lingers for days.

Through the hoops

Los Angeles Senior Photographer Lucy Nicholson reports back from the 2007 NBA Finals

Growing up in England with 4 tv channels, I didn’t get to watch much

The first game I ever saw was during the 2001 NBA Finals when I worked
as a runner for Agence France-Presse in Los Angeles, taking disks from
the photographers and keeping the editors happy with beer.