By Michael Spooneybarger

“They are fast, smart and dangerous – the most prized hunting animal in ancient Greece, the wild boar. Considered a test of bravery, wild pigs have thick bones and a tough hide, making anything but a death shot a potentially fatal mistake.”

That was the first message I got after agreeing to a weekend hog hunt in Alabama. I have hunted pig many times as a BBQ aficionado, but that has been scanning a menu trying to decide on pork ribs, pork sandwich or going with beef.


The next memo from writer Verna Gates: “Photography equipment should be as silent as possible without flash as pigs are very keen and will run away. We don’t want the other hunters shooting at us….”

I had many thoughts going through my head as to how I would hunt down this ferocious animal. If needed I imagined my loud camera and flash would scare the thing away and the other hunters could then shoot the boar before I would be violently attacked. I figured I would be protected by a bunch of rugged hunter types, men who could live in the woods for days and kill with their bare hands.

Along the way I stopped for a camouflage shirt and hat. In the summer the average store doesn’t have camo pants.