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In the room with a Tiger

February 24, 2010

He walked with the same confidence those of us who cover golf have come to recognize as he entered the carefully designed room, with presidential blue draping covering most of two walls, illuminated by a very professional TV lighting setup. I guess presidential should be emphasized, the person who did the setup did the same things for President George W. Bush.

The politics of bowing in Japan – How low do you go?

February 11, 2010

In Japan nothing says I’m sorry like a nice, deep bow, and lately there’s been a whole lot to be sorry for. Ideally the depth of the bow should match the level of regret, allowing observers to make judgements about how sincere the apology really is. Facing massive recalls Toyota President Akio Toyoda and Toyota Motor Corp’s managing director Yuji Yokoyama faced journalists at separate news conferences.