Reuters Boston staff photographer Brian Snyder is traveling with Republican U.S. presidential nominee John McCain through election day November 4. He and his colleague Jason Reed traveling with the Obama campaign are posting daily blog entries sharing their experiences and favorite pictures of the day from their campaign coverage.

It is the waning days of the extremely long U.S. presidential campaign and both candidates are looking to pull out all the stops and seal the deal with the American public.  Who better to call out in an effort to try to deliver a final political blow than the TERMINATOR himself? Senator McCain called on former actor, “Terminator” and current Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger to introduce and publicly back him at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio. It was Halloween, but unfortunately the governor did not come dressed as “The Terminator.” Sometimes it is actually a struggle to make a simple clean strong campaign picture like this one: where the two principals come together and interact well onstage, the light is nice, the background is clean and and there is a simple real moment between them.