London, Britain

By Eddie Keogh

The beast that is Canary Wharf underground station spits out its batch of workers every morning and swallows them up again every evening, Monday to Friday.

The relentless cycle never seems to change for the financial markets’ suited workers, who return every day, smartphone in hand. They are concentrating on their emails – the oxygen of business.

It’s no easy thing to focus on a phone in your left hand, carry a cappuccino in your right, and maneuver through crowds, ticket machines and escalators without missing a word. Presumably they’re even better with numbers.

I enjoyed watching and photographing the people of London’s financial districts. Ninety percent of the work I do for Reuters is photographing sport, so this project was a case of entering another world – watching and waiting to get my shots.

As a man with a camera, I normally get an inquisitive glance or a spontaneous smile as I go about my job. But here the importance of the smartphone and the destination are paramount and people barely look up.