By Allison Joyce

Last week my editor forwarded me an email containing a cute blue invitation to a bridal shower and asked if I was interested in covering it. I immediately wrote back “YES!” because this wasn’t just any wedding shower, it was for Lucky Diamond, a Maltese dog.

I arrived at the Muse Hotel in Midtown for the big event. One table was set with bright blue cupcakes, teacups and finger sandwiches. There was another table set with 10 different kinds of teas for dogs, mini milk bones, and doggie cupcakes. Absorbent pads were placed around the room for the special guests to do their business. As waiters were serving champagne, the bride-to-be, decked out in a pink tulle dress and bonnet made of pink lace, pranced around the room with her canine guests.

The female human guests were walking around in bright, colorful cocktail dresses and hats – almost, but not quite upstaged by their pampered pets. Imagine dogs of all breeds and sizes dressed to the nines in stylish dresses accented by tutus, feather boas and hats.

I introduced myself to Lucky’s owner Wendy Diamond and asked her what this event was all about. She explained that last year,  Lucky was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen and given only three months to a year to live. In the past few months Lucky had been through a surgery and chemo. With all this going on, Lucky wanted to cross a few things off her “bucket list.” Getting married was one of them, along with meeting Bo Obama. Wendy told me that Lucky hadn’t yet found the perfect partner and the purpose of this shower was to introduce her to a few other potential spouses, as well as to raise awareness for dog cancer.

As the guests sipped champagne, their pets sat on their laps drinking their special doggie tea. The talk was all about Lucky’s upcoming nuptials. The wedding planner told everyone the guest list was already up to 300 people! The only thing missing was a partner for Lucky. “What about my Ginger?” one guest suggested, holding up her Teacup Pomeranian in a green tutu. “Ooooh yes! A gay wedding!” everyone exclaimed. “But she was just getting along so well with Dusty (the humane society dog)” remarked another.