By Mario Anzuoni

Comic-Con is an annual 4-day comic book and popular arts convention which attracts more than 100,000 visitors.


This was not my first time at Comic-Con, so I was prepared for the 100,000 plus crowd of loyal fans of the comic world to descend on San Diego. The “con” as they call it is especially and mostly about them. They travel from far, sleep in their cars, stand in line for hours, and most importantly they dress up for it.

Naturally, they are the real color of the convention and I certainly wanted to capture that. At first it’s always a little surreal, like walking into a fable world, where you see Star Wars characters, super heroes, Disney princesses, monsters, and video game characters all strolling together.

It’s almost distracting, but colorful, joyous and fun; every day about 7000 die-hard fans stand in line overnight to fill up the main hall H where they are rewarded with exclusive sneak peak previews of upcoming movies and they get to ask questions directly to their idols. It’s clear that actors and filmmakers enjoy facing thousands of their thrilled fans. They enjoy this type of interaction. They feel more at ease in an informal setting where a fan gets to walk up to a microphone and ask a question.

In one case a fan forgot the question due to being overwhelmed with too much excitement. The excitement is so genuine it is contagious even for the actors.