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A special performance

May 21, 2013

Madrid, Spain

By Susana Vera

Luismi Astorga clasps his hands as he lifts his head up to the sky. He’s waiting to take the stage at a music club in Madrid where his dance group, Fusionarte, is taking part in a charity gala.

Kiev’s subway disco

March 3, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine

By Gleb Garanich

Passing through a pedestrian subway in central Kiev about twenty years ago, I saw elderly people dancing. I stopped for a few moments and then proceeded on my route – I was 25 years old at the time and, frankly speaking, this story was of no interest to me.

Therapy ballet

March 30, 2012

By Jim Young

I found out about the program, “Ballet Class for Kids with Movement Disabilities”, while flipping through a brochure as I waited for my daughter at her ballet class.

A day out with a swan

March 4, 2011

After watching Natalie Portman’s Oscar winning performance in Black Swan which she portrays a perfectionist ballerina who ultimately breaks down, I was intrigued by the life of ballet dancers. They endure hours of toe curling training just to perfect their art.

The next Black Swans

February 10, 2011

After almost every assignment I come back home grateful for the peak into the world I was offered or the people I met. This last week was no exception as I covered the 39th Prix de Lausanne, an international dance competition for young dancers.

Warrior dance: Audio slideshow

August 14, 2008

A traditional Masaai dance is seen through the eyes of photographer Antony Njuguna.

Dance moves: Audio slideshow

June 11, 2008

“Dido and Aeneas”, featuring choreography by Mark Morris and music by English composer Henry Purcell, premiered in 1989 in Brussels and is one of the company’s most well-known and acclaimed works.