Sedona, Arizona

By Mike Blake

Red rocks, pink jeeps, vortex tours, pan flute music and UFO tours: Welcome to Sedona, Arizona.

You can see when arriving why for hundreds of years the Native Americans considered Sedona a sacred place; it is stunningly beautiful. But like most beautiful things on this planet we humans find ways to monetize the experience. From parking passes to tours through the desert in pink jeeps, businesses are created and a micro economy sprouts up next to the vortexes. But back to UFO’s…

If you ever get an opportunity to go on a UFO tour, take it. I took my camera along, out into the blackness of the winter desert just south of Sedona where we met up with Kim Carlsberg, who happens to be a well known UFO author and speaker on the subject of UFOs.

From our meeting point we traveled a dirt road to a location that gave use an amazing view of the night sky. Kim had a truck full of lawn chairs and we set them up in rows like we would be ordering pop corn and watching a movie. She also had five sets of military night vision goggles.

After a friendly introduction we were given instructions on UFO viewing etiquette, what we may or may not see, and how the night vision goggles operated. Quite frankly, after dusk dropped into the blackness of night I was pretty sure my picture taking would be over. It was a crystal clear night and the view of the sky was amazing. Slap on some military grade night vision goggles and the millions of stars I was seeing became billions. It was shocking to see all the stars that are behind all the stars.