I am a firm believer in having goals and dreams and constantly working to improve your situation and once achieved taking full advantage because often that chance is fleeting. I recently have had one of my favorite photographic experiences when I used a slow period in New York to take a trip to Alaska in order to document something that few people know much about and that I did when first starting out as a photographer. As anyone who is even a casual fan of photography knows the list of equipment necessary to make someone’s vision become a reality can sometimes be as long as the zeros included in the price. In order to get around that little inconvenience I went fishing in Alaska for 3 consecutive summers. It’s not the more famous and dangerous crab fishing many now know of through television shows and movies but it is a three month sentence in a 50ft cell that floats and rolls and smells a lot like diesel and the ocean mixed in with some jellyfish and salmon. It was the financial catalyst into the career I now enjoy with Reuters and it has been a goal of mine for years to fully document the men (and very few women) who go to sea every summer for a three month commitment that I both miss and never want to experience again.