It is a bizarre image – the red and white Formula One car hangs in the air above the black and white one in what appears to be an unconventional overtaking manouvre until you notice the loose bits. The caption reads, “Force India Formula One driver Giancarlo Fisichella of Italy (top) and Williams Formula One driver Kazuki Nakajima of Japan crash after the start of  the F1 Grand Prix of Turkey at Istanbul Park May 11, 2008. REUTERS/Karoly Arvai (TURKEY)”.

 Fly Kingfisher

Fisichella took off after shunting Nakajima on the first bend. The collision was dramatic but while it trashed the cars, neither driver was hurt although they couldn’t agree about whose fault it was.  


It wasn’t a complete disaster. Force India’s sponsors must be very encouraged, their sign says “Fly Kingfisher” and it does guys, it really does.

Wider TR

Thomson Reuters

The bad news is that chez nous we’re using an ordinary road car getting to and from assignments this week – so the Williams is rather impractical, a bit of a devil to park, a real squeeze to get into with all the gear and fuel economy is an issue, but it is just so fast away from the lights.