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A look back at the Mumbai attacks

Four Reuters photographers covered the recent attacks in India. Here Arko Datta, Jayanta Shaw and Desmond Boylan (Chief Photographer, India) recall events.

Jayanta Shaw
My first experience of the Taj Mahal Hotel had been as a teenager on holiday with my parents in Mumbai. Those were fond memories. I would never have thought my second encounter with the Mumbai landmark would be so dramatic, tragic and scary.

Arko Datta
Just the previous night, I was at the Trident-Oberoi hotel, shooting pictures at the Gucci shop on the ground floor, next to the main entrance of this five-star hotel.

But since there had been no warning of an impending threat, the city continued to go about its daily chores.

Wednesday was a long day at office, and just as I got home and settled down, the first call came in, of a firing at Leopold café. Mumbai is no stranger to trouble or gang-wars and that’s what most of us in the media thought this was, especially as the area where Leopold café stands is known to witness shadowy activity as the night wears on.

Mumbai attacks: In pictures

People duck as gunshots are fired from inside the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe

Indian commandos take positions outside “Nariman House”, where armed militants are believed to be holed up in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Arko Datta

An employee (C) of the Taj Hotel (seen in the background) comforts foreign guests in Mumbai November 27, 2008. REUTERS/Arko Datta

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