For some people, here is the end of the world, but for some who live here, it is paradise.

The Kahrizak Charity Foundation in southern Tehran, is home to hundreds of mentally and physically impaired people who range in age from young and old. In this place, you can feel life and death, joy and woe, and people who love each other. For these people music is the only positive thing.

The first time I went to Kahrizak, I expected to meet people who didn’t know what they wanted in their life and were just waiting for the angel of death to arrive but it was not as I had presumed.

Two or three days a week they gather at a hall to learn music and sing songs. Sometimes someone, even a woman, dances in front of the others. In Iran a woman cannot sing or dance in public. At the charity, they are happy because a man has asked them to leave their room and spend time at his music therapy session.

During the session they forget who they are and forget that they are siting in wheelchairs. The hope that you can see on their faces, is the magic of music.