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Homeless, sick and “thanking God for this wonderful place to live”

July 16, 2009

Reuters Boston Photographer Brian Snyder spent a very long and claustrophobic day in the tiny dark hotel suite where a homeless nurse, Tarya Seagraves-Quee, and three of her four children have been living in Massachusetts for nearly two months.

Never too old to be a porn star

June 23, 2009

Audio slideshow produced by Toru Hanai and Kim Kyung-hoon. A full story is listed below.

Last gift for dying dogs

May 18, 2009

SAPPORO, Japan – Retirement can be a death knell for guide dogs, creatures who spend their lives caring for others, but a home in Japan is giving these canines a new lease on life in their twilight years. The Sapporo Retirement Home for Dogs, in the northern island of Hokkaido, has sheltered more than 200 animals since it opened in 1978, giving them the best possible care until they are either adopted by sighted humans or die.

from Raw Japan:

Geriatric porn star at work

April 14, 2009


As photographers, we're always looking for quirky and exceptional feature items, so when we got a chance to shoot Japan's oldest porno star on the job, we knew we couldn't miss it.

Be prepared!

July 4, 2008

“ALWAYS get to the scene as soon as possible”, is a mantra for the Tokyo picture team. It is advice which features prominently in the pocket-sized guide to emergency coverage procedures produced by our boss Michael Caronna – a guide which has also become indispensible in everyday coverage too. 

Ninjas – in text or pictures?

April 18, 2008

Ninja 1

Japan’s sleepy town of Iga offered an opportunity for me to write my first story for the news wire. Iga is known to many Japanese as one of the traditional home towns of the ninja. I was looking forward to seeing tens of thousands ninja clad enthusiasts, the ninja themed-train and a house with secret escape passages – the home of a real ninja.