Affluent South Koreans have just about every fashion accessory imaginable from designer clothes to handbags and the latest trend in Asia’s fourth biggest economy is small dogs.

Just like their well-groomed owners in the ritzy suburbs of the capital Seoul, pets are now big business for groomers, healthcare businesses and even mood music, helping to create a whole new service industry.

“IRION” is a luxury pet care centre in the Gangnam district in Seoul that recently opened to cater to the needs of affluent urban dwellers who have embraced small dogs as their latest fashion accessory.

With prices of up to $60 a day for a dog “kindergarten” and up to $180 a day for a doggy hotel room, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

“IRION is a place that provides premium services for customers who consider their pets as family members,” So-Hyun Park, the company’s Chief Executive Officer told Reuters.