By Allison Joyce

After three months of court appearances, sensational headlines and living in a fish bowl, a New York judge dropped all criminal sexual assault charges against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

On Thursday night, all the photographers were expecting DSK and his wife Anne to take their usual private car service when they went out to dinner. We could see someone peeking through the curtain every few minutes and assumed that they were checking out the crowd of media.

As soon as the numbers dwindled down to one cameraman, one reporter and three photographers, they made their move. We were surprised to see Strauss-Kahn and Anne exit their Tribeca townhouse and then stroll for five blocks, attempting to hail a cab.

Both looked much more relaxed, happy, and unhurried than I have ever seen them. DSK looked so different wearing his tee-shirt and sneakers, that I did not recognize him at first! As they walked, they talked and laughed at the photographers who were stumbling over one another to take their photo.

I was struck by how much in love they appeared to be and a few colleagues even remarked the stress of the last few months seemed to have made Anne and Strauss-Kahn much closer. When they were recognized by a few passers-by, one or two of whom shouted, “We love you, Strauss-Kahn!” the couple looked at each other and laughed together, clearly enjoying the moment.