By Mike Blake

The ability to take a number of pictures all on the same frame was simple in the days of film cameras.

You would find a situation where the background would drop off enough to accommodate a number of exposures on the same frame of film. After that, it was a matter of how many exposures and how do they all fit next to each other on the same frame.


We have never been able to do that with the Canon camera system until the release of their new DX camera. And of course, being at the Olympics, what better place to use this new technology? Paired with the world’s best gymnasts and a camera that can take 14 pictures a second, it’s amazing.

To create a multiple exposure you first have to have a subject that is lit, and a background that is not. The background will not blend into the subject, however the subject will overlap the background. The rest is just about thinking visually into the future.

To be honest, we just got these new cameras before coming to the Olympics, so there is still a learning curve to get a feel for what they are capable of doing. So far it’s been a blast to push them into new territory, not only technically, but to be able to show our clients and the public what these athletes actually do.